This Week in Seattle Rock

Episode 42, 02/09/20

February 09, 2020 Christopher Walkin' Episode 42
This Week in Seattle Rock
Episode 42, 02/09/20
Show Notes

Hello & welcome to Episode 42! Join Marci, Justin, and I, as we make our way through 16 shows, with 23 songs, of which 15 songs are podcast debuts, with three artist debuts!  Catch the links below to venues, bands, and see the songs we play on this episode.
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Tue 2/11 Substation, Ballard
The Adarna *Sugar*
Aisha *Watch Me Drown* -PODCAST ARTIST DEBUT
Beverly Crusher *Scared*
Blacktop Mojo

Wed 2/12 El Corazon, Seattle
RivetSkull *Forever* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Grey hawk
Ross the Boss

Wed 2/12 Tony Vs Garage, Everett
Bad Optics *Feng Shui for the Wolf Society*
Death Eyes
Big Business

Wed 2/12 Black Lodge, Seattle
Slow Elk
Dear Child
Rat Queen

Thu 2/13 Tractor Tavern, Ballard
Fruit Juice
Velvet Q *Sociopathic Tendencies*

Thu 2/13 Screwdriver Bar, Belltown
BUGS *Working Hard/Hardly Working* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Crazy Eyes *Sand Castle Squisher* -PODCAST ARTIST DEBUT
Alfredo Ghosts

Thu 2/13 Chop Suey, Seattle
Asterhouse *Birds (Full of Bullets)*
Hi Wasted
Mister Master *Bootloop* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT

FRI 2/14 The Sunset, Ballard
Black Ends *Tongues Turned* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Antonioni *Old News* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Happy Times Sad Times

Fri 2/14 Louie G's Pizza, Fife
Tom Esch Music *Beautiful Mess* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
The Petey Normal Show *Palpitate* -PODCAST ARTIST DEBUT
Watch Rome Burn *Tempest* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Cashing In Karma *B.S.D.*

Fri 2/14 The Plaid Pig Live Music Lounge, Tacoma
Bailey Ukulele
Beast Folk *We Live Off the Swine*
Sanatorium Hill
The Bitter Ex Lovers

Fri 2/14 Parliament Tavern, West Seattle
No Buffer *Few and Forgotten* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Selah Korah
Phood *Small Talk* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT

Sat 2/15 Mirkwood Public House, Arlington
Jim Reagan
Waiting on Wendy
Chasing Oz
Observer Effect *Gripping the Wheel* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT

Sat 2/15 Tony Vs Garage, Everett
King Lincoln
Pay Day Rich

Sat 2/15 Substation, Ballard
The Gods Themselves
BALL BAG Renton *Pek Pek*
The Frogs w/Jimmy Flemion & Evan Dando

Sat 2/15 Darrell's Tavern, Shorline
Aaron Semer
Temple Canyon *I Tangled with the Serpent*

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