This Week in Seattle Rock

Episode 41, 02/02/20

February 03, 2020 Christopher Walkin' Episode 41
This Week in Seattle Rock
Episode 41, 02/02/20
Show Notes

Hello & welcome to Episode 41!  Marci is back with us, and she brought Justin along. 
View the text below to see venues, bands, and the songs we play on this episode. 
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Mon 2/3 Substation, Ballard
Fun Parents
Plum *Common Language* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT

Wed 2/5 Neptune Theatre, Seattle
Eve to Adam
John 5
Queensrÿche *Inner Unrest* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT

Wed 2/5 High Dive, Fremont
Smoker Dad *Heavy* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Head Band
The Blank Tapes

Wed 2/5 The Sunset, Ballard
Iris Drive *Run at the Sun* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Spicy Tunas
White Shark Cafe

Thu 2/6 Tim's Tavern,  Greenwood 
Blade Palace *Mild Mind* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Glass Beaches

Fri 2/7 The Swiss Restaurant & Pub, Tacoma
Hands of Deliverance
Suite Clarity *Conflagration* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Deadbeat Blackout *Tear it Down* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT

FRI 2/7 Victory Lounge, South Lake Union
Hellbat *Citadel* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Thrash Armstrong
Mables Marbles *Addendum*

Fri 2/7 Hard Rock Cafe Seattle
Villain Plays the Victim *October* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Sunflower Sutra
Reality Check

Fri 2/7 Karate Church, Bellingham
The Sheen
Bastard Salt
Wild Powwers *Wet 'n' Wild* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT

Fri 2/7 The Central Saloon, Pioneer Square
Steal Beans
Booted Void
WOODSHED *Woodshed*

Fri 2/7 Pretty Penny, Bellingham
Pizza Wizard
LipStitch *Best of Us* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT

Fri 2/7 Airport Tavern, Tacoma
Carbon Trap
Four Lights
Heck Yes
Midnight Movie *Bursting at the Seams*

Sat 2/8 Lucky Liquor, Tukwila
Having Issues *Creature Baby* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Merchant Mariner *Wait for a Call* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Some Kind of Nightmare
Ichi Bichi

Sat 2/8 The Plaid Pig Live Music Lounge, Tacoma
Chance to Steal 
The Scoffs *Talk is Cheap* -PODCAST ARTIST DEBUT
Longward *Lung Division* -PODCAST SONG DRBUT

Sat 2/8 Chop Suey, Seattle
Fred has FB
Moon Palace *Characters* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Da Qween of Everything

Sat 2/8 @Airport Tavern, Tacoma
Fatal Butterfly
Sever head

Sun 2/9 The Sunset, Ballard
Shark Legs
Linda From Work *Gold Star*

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