This Week in Seattle Rock

Episode 40, 01/26/20

January 28, 2020 Christopher Walkin' Episode 40
This Week in Seattle Rock
Episode 40, 01/26/20
Show Notes

Hello & welcome to Episode 40!!!
Where have we been?
Let's say......interrupted.
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Thu 1/30 Barboza, Seattle
Moon Palace *Who are You* -POCAST SONG DEBUT
Black Nite Crash

Thu 1/30 Funhouse Seattle
Dead Sonics

Fri 1/31 Conor Byrne Pub, Seattle
The Screaming Multitudes *Lila No Scratch* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Hand in the Attic

Fri 1/31 The Swiss Restaurant & Pub, Tacoma
The Thrill *No Surprise* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Polly Slanderous
Death by Overkill

Fri 1/31 Push/Pull, Ballard
Weep Wave
Black Ends (Nicole solo) *Peak (Lost Ya in the Silence)* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Antonioni *Creature Feature* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT

Fri 1/31 Louie G's Pizza, Fife
Barbarian Wasteland
The Sunshine Wall
Massacre at the Opera
The Face of Loki
Cryptamnesia *Hell Within* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT

Fri 1/31 The Shakedown, Bellingham
Indigo Dino
Biblioteka *Cobwebs*
Them Folkes

Fri 1/31 The Tin Hat, Kennewick 
Dagger Face
Acid Reflex
Burn Burn Burn *Nemesis House* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT

Sat 2/1 Chalet Theatre, Enumclaw
Custom *No Regrets* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT
Randy Hansen

Sat 2/1 West Seattle Brewing Company
Johndus Beckman
The Kathy Moore Super Power Trio
Karmic Unrest *Virtue in Tow* -PODCAST SONG DEBUT

Sat 2/1 Black Zia Cantina, Burien
Patrick Taylor
Slut Penguin
Primary Pulse *Fractured*

Sat 2/1 Darrell's Tavern, Shoreline
Death Coach
Watch Rome Burn *Crystalized*

Sat 2/1 Mirage Garage, DIY venue
Sure Thing
Laser Beam *Gone*
Fun Parents

Sat 2/1 Dottie's Double Wide, White Center
Celia *Asleep with Scissors* 
*Laughing at the Rain* 

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